Temperature Controlled & Refrigerate Cargo

Reefer cargo is temperature-controlled and refrigerated merchandise, including fresh and frozen foods and sensitive electronics, which can’t be exposed to ambient temperatures. Reefer cargo is typically transported on a dedicated cargo ship and stored within shipping containers that provide controlled temperatures, such as dehumidified air, refrigeration, or freezing temperatures. Temperatures must be continuously monitored and preserved to avoid harming goods.

Reefer cargo includes:

  • Fresh foods, including fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, and dairy products
  • Frozen foods
  • Flowers
  • Electronics

Reefer cargo shipments enable customers to enjoy products from around the world, without worrying about the threat of food spoilage and illness. They also enable companies to mass-export products to geographies offering greater demand and higher prices than domestic markets.

Double Ace Cargo provides:

  • Relationships with reefer cargo specialists who provide temperature-controlled ships and containers
  • Refrigerated warehouse services which are located next to our logistics hub
  • Our own refrigerated trucks for reliable, fast ground transportation
  • Expertise and service to help emerging market providers sell perishables in the United States
  • The ability to track-and-trace shipments as they move through the supply chain
  • Cargo insurance for enhanced protection and peace-of-mind

Case Studies

Clients: Growers and food producers in multiple emerging markets


Growers and food producers in multiple emerging markets


  • Small market producers are only able to sell domestically, due to their lower volume and lack of retailer relationships
  • Global companies grow their own inventory before buying local products
  • Growers make substantially less than they could by selling to international markets


  • We are working with our prospective client to implement reefer cargo shipments
  • Perishable goods would be sent regularly from this market to the United States
  • Growers would be able to sell their products to major United States retailers


  • If implemented, reefer shipments would increase growers’ profitability substantially and enable them to sell goods on a continual basis

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