Vessel Chartering

Vessel chartering involves matching shippers, who need to move cargo, and ship owner/operators, who need to fill capacity. Companies can opt for a voyage charter, covering port, fuel, and crew costs to purchase a ship’s full capacity, or pay costs on a per-ton basis. Alternatively, charterers can elect to hire vessels for a specific length of time, which is called a time charter.

Charterers can engage a wide array of ships, including container vessels, RoRo and Project Cargo ships, and more.

Double Ace Cargo provides:

  • A specialist who is expert in contract negotiation and vessel chartering
  • Expert and fast advice, quotes, and bookings
  • Turnkey voyage and time charter services on fully compliant and classified vessels

Case Studies

Client: An amusement park operator


An amusement park operator


  • Move 77 heavy units to Peru via ocean freight for a Christmas fair
  • All Project Cargo had to be on the same vessel
  • Old ride components would be destroyed if they were lifted


  • Charter a vessel for Project Cargo
  • Provide specialized handling services, driving goods onto the vessel


  • All parts arrived in time for assembly and use at the fair
  • The operator was able to stay an extra month, increasing revenue

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