Bonded Warehouses

Manufacturers and carriers use bonded warehouses to store goods which would otherwise be subject to costly duty payments. Bonded warehouses enable companies to store goods for sorting, repacking, and export to other destinations. They are typically used to store certain types of high-value goods, such as electronics, watches, and jewelry.

In the United States, goods may remain in bonded warehouses for up to five years before they are subject to federal duties.

Double Ace Cargo provides:

  • Bonded warehouses in Miami and the Colon Free Zone of Panama City
  • The ability to ensure individual shipments up to $1M USD
  • The option to blend bonded cargo and domestic cargo due to our IBEC license
  • Bunkers with double-steel reinforced cages to protect goods
  • Track-and-trace technology to provide real-time visibility into merchandise locations and movement
  • Company-owned trucks with GPS units and preplanned routes to protect goods against theft and diversion

Case Studies

Client: A casino operator in Venezuela


A casino operator in Venezuela


  • The operator’s permits for gambling machines were about to expire
  • Replacing the machines would be extremely costly
  • Shipping goods overseas to a conventional warehouse would result in their seizure upon reentry into the country


  • Buy time for the operator to go through the re-permitting process
  • Load all gambling machines into containers and ship them to Panama
  • Store inventory in our bonded warehouse


  • Return merchandise to operator when it was legally able to accept them
  • Total hold and transit time was 21 days
  • Using our container freight and bonded warehouse services was substantially less expensive than replacing merchandise

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