Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance helps customers bridge the gap between carrier liability for losses and the actual value of goods transported. Customers who move high-value goods typically opt to purchase cargo insurance, so that their merchandise is covered from the moment of pick-up to final delivery.

Double Ace Cargo provides:

  • Cargo insurance for goods prone to theft and diversion
  • Consulting and security services to help companies reduce their losses
  • Risk management consulting and services
  • Lower costs due to our best practices and large volumen insurance purchases

Case Studies

Client: A major telecommunications company


A major telecommunications company


The company was uninsurable due to high, ongoing losses


  • Help the company implement risk management practices and security measures to reduce losses
  • Provide specialty insurance placements during this critical time period


  • During the year we implemented a comprehensive risk management program, the company did not have a single loss
  • Previously, the loss of a single shipment resulted in a $5M claim

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