Air Freight Solutions

Air freight, or air cargo, includes merchandise that typically must be moved swiftly to meet market or customer demand. These goods include high-value and perishable goods and are usually moved within a 24- or 48-hour window. Priority service guarantees shippers that ítems will arrive on-time and in excellent condition.

Double Ace Cargo offers:

  • International air freight service, leveraging our connections with our global agent network
  • The ability to aggregate customer orders to secure desired space at a cost-effective price point
  • Land-air freight services to difficult markets with insufficient road infrastructures
  • Priority service for same day or next-day air service
  • Ground transportation from Los Angeles to Miami and air services from Miami to Colombia
  • The ability to reduce shipment time from China to Colombia from 10 to five days at a cost-effective price point
  • The ability to track goods as they move through the supply chain with Magaya Cargo Software

Case Studies

Client: Global "fast fashion" retailer


Global “fast fashion” retailer


  • Provide fast, reliable air freight services to Colombia
  • Ensure retailer maximizes sales for trendy goods that have a short shelf-life


  • Provide ground transportation from customer’s distribution center in Los Angeles to our hub in Miami
  • Arrange daily flights of merchandise to Colombia


  • Customer has grown the business with reliable, cost-effective air shipments

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