The Double Ace Cargo Difference

We know that you need to move merchandise swiftly to run and grow the business, enter new markets, and exploit changing demand for greater sales. That’s why we offer you logistics services that provide an exceptional combination of reliability, speed, and value.

With supply chain consulting services and a diversified asset base, we’re more than just a freight forwarder. Of course, we offer the full suite of ocean, air, and ground transportation services to move merchandise around the world. But we also work with you to accelerate your business model, with integrated logistics solutions, faster turns, and the reliability you need to chart your path for growth and streamline critical operations.

Double Ace Cargo designs innovative logistics solutions that span the globe, bringing customers and their markets closer together. Contact us today to learn how we can help you solve your supply chain challenges and meet your freight forwarding objectives.

So what makes us different? We offer:

  • A freight-forward focus on accomplishing your business objectives, with custom-designed solutions to meet your specific requirements
  • Intensive experience in exporting around the world, with a bilingual English- and Spanish-speaking staff, strong carrier and partner relationships, and investments in building our presence in those emerging markets
  • Strategic alliances and purchasing power with major carriers to provide you with reliable service and exceptional rates
  • The ability to serve difficult markets, with political and economic instability and infrastructure challenges
  • A market reputation as the #1 exporter out of Southeast Florida to Venezuela and a strong footprint in Latin America
  • Key assets in Miami and Panama, offering easy access to key ports in the United States, South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean
  • Continual investments in building our geographic footprint throughout the Americas, especially developing markets
  • An asset base that encompasses an in-house trucking division with GPS-enabled trucks, chassis, and a container depot in Miami, Florida; and bonded warehouses in Miami and Panama City, two critical gateways to the Americas
  • Added-value services, including cargo insurance, customers clearance, and supply chain consulting
  • Preferred relationships with carriers, protecting our freight placements and enhancing shipment reliability

Why Use a Freight Forwarder?

Manufacturers and carriers turn to freight forwarders to:

  • Move goods without incurring the expense or hassle of managing logistics themselves
  • Easily add capacity to existing carrier services when companies need it
    Assemble creative logistics services that meet unique or challenging goals
  • Partner with a company that has an expertise in a special market, such as Latin America
  • Access specialty services, such as bonded warehouses, security programs, and customs processing

Freight forwarders are also commonly known as forwarding agents and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC).

Let us help you design the best freight forwarding solution to meet your company’s needs